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Make Ingot Mold Projects in Seconds - Solidification and Segregation Analysis in Minutes

Industrial Soft is material engineering and software development company specialized in ingot casting applications. We are located in Montreal, Canada, but we can serve you wherever you are in the world.

At the moment we offer the following products and services:

  1. Online Ingot Mold Design - using this online tool you can design online rectangular, polygonal or round ingot molds for pouring slabs or forging ingots;

  2. Ingot Segregation Analysis - by online segregation analysis you check yourself if the ingot size, shape and the chemical composition of your ingot allow you to have a forging product free of segregation and homogeneous mechanical properties. If you prefer the analysis made by us, please check the segregation analysis info page and contact us to give you a quote.

Contact us if you need more info or subscribe to open an account for both, Online Ingot Mold Design and Ingot Segregations Analysis.