Industrial Soft is an engineering and software developement company. We are located in Montreal, Canada, but we can serve you wherever you are in the world.

At the moment we offer the following products and services:

Online Ingot Mold Design

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Many reports published in the last several years show clearly that we can not have an ingot free of segregation without choosing its size and geometry according to the forging shape and the chemical composition of the steel.

Having in view these premises, - Industrial Soft, has been focused on developping of an integrated online ingot design tool to allow engineers to reduce substantially the time they need to increase the internal quality of the ingot.

Online Solification and Segregation Analysis

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By Online Simulation and Segregation Analysis you check online if the ingot size, shape and the chemical composition of your steel allows you to have a forging product free of segregation and homogeneous mechanical properties.

A-segregations analysis module, based on the mechanism proposed by K.Suzuki and T.Miyamoto from Japan Steel Works Ltd. and developed by Industrial Soft is employed with solidification software SimCADE v.2.0 in this analysis tool.

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