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Make Ingot Mold Projects in Seconds - Solidification and Segregation Analysis in Minutes

Online Ingot Mold Design

Ingot Mold Design Assistant is an easy to use online tool available with a PC, MAC, tablet or a smart phone to design rectangular, polygonal or round ingot molds.

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Online A Segregation Analysis

Solidification and Segregation Analysis is a tool available online to simulate solidification, analyze segregation and choose the mold function by steel grade and forged shape.

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Solidification Analysis Service

Using this service you will optimize ingot size, casting technology and chemical composition to minimize A segregation and increase the material homogeneity.

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Casting and Forging Directory

Casting & Forging Directory 6.0 lists the contact information for over 9.000 worlwide foundries, foundry equipment, foundry suppliers and forging companies.

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