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Make Ingot Mold Projects in Seconds - Solidification and Segregation Analysis in Minutes

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P20 Segregations - STL + CVS files

P20 Analysis - 3D Presentation
Segregation in modified P20 steel grades - Part II - STL and CSV files. Like, share and leave a message if you need the segregation file in a particular format.
P20 Analysis - pdf file

P20 Analysis - video
Segregation in several modified P20 steel grades. Like, share and leave a message if you need the analysis for a particular steel or ingot.
How to choose the ingot for a forged shape How to choose the ingot shape to minimise segregation. The analysis has been made online at for polygonal and rectangular 20T ingots with various sides ratio. More examples, tutorials and info at
Online ingot mold design Design online round, polygonal and rectangular ingot molds. More examples, tutorials, papers and segregation analysis at
Tutorial - Mold Design Subscribe for online ingot mold design, solidification simulation and segregation analysis.
Tutorial - Segregation Analysis Subscribe for online segregation analysis, solidification simulation and ingot mold design.